Changing the front of your house

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I had a call not so long ago from a client who had bought a beautiful property on a large piece of land with several outbuildings in the middle of (seemingly) nowhere. My absolute idea of bliss. I was very excited when I was asked to help remodel the lower ground interior.

This particular client of mine has an absolutely enviable style for interiors and I was very inspired taking a look around. However, when you occupy a space, day in – day out, it is very hard to be objective about it, and, luckily for me, they needed some direction on how to change the practicalities of day to day living within the space.

The existing downstairs had a large living room with an entrance porch on the front through which accessed guests and family alike, including my clients’ two young girls, and a soon-to-be toddler, which meant being met with a barrage of children’s toys, boots and coats.

If you draw a line down the front of the house, on images above, the left side is the downstairs bedroom…….

and the right hand side is the living area and entrance porch.

The make-over included tearing down the existing cramped porch and citing a new, larger version, as an extension on the left hand side, instead.

Using this Pinterest board as my inspiration, the new porch extension was to act as a boot room, housing all the paraphernalia that goes hand in hand with raising a large family. To create the ‘prairie’ feel that the house was crying out for, I continued the line of this new porch straight across the front of the house to create a veranda,

The old living room french doors, which used to act as a front door, were then removed and replaced with a bifold door, thus connecting an outside/inside veranda with an inside/outside living room…….et voila: A little piece of heaven.

My client now enjoys a (not so peaceful with three children) morning brew in an officially allocated room for relaxing, and whether summer or winter can take in her amazing countryside views whilst breathing in the fresh outdoors.


Erm…..When can I move in?


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