There are so many reasons why the word ‘design’ is important in your wedding. Having working on many projects throughout my career, the greatest successes were those where detailed plans were used from the very beginning. With a very clear end result in mind throughout the entire process, a destination can be formed. Without a clear destination how will you know which way to go?

There are literally thousands of tiny decisions (and quite a few large ones) to be made throughout the journey towards your wedding day, where a simple concept or mood board might help to define some solutions. Alternatively you may be planning a low budget DIY wedding and need some grass roots creative assistance with workshops tailored to your project, followed by a stylist to set up the venue. You may have a generous budget but lack the time or creative sparks needed to visualise your day. It is my job to pick your brains and get underneath your skin, to work out what makes you tick and help to create something even better than you could have possibly imagined.

Our Design solution will be tailored to your needs which is why we work out every price individually. This begins with an informal and free (no obligation) consultation where we can assess your needs and tailor our services accordingly. A fixed price quotation will then be drawn up which can include

Overall Simple Concept / Mood board

Detailed Design Plans

Creative workshops

Scheduled think tank sessions

DIY timeline

Venue Styling

Please call Kerry on 07796030232 to arrange a free consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you.