Exposing stripped original plaster walls as a design feature – discuss….

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We have finally been advised that the structure at No 8 is safe! Following the installation of internal scaffolding to protect the condemned party wall and numerous visits from the structural engineer,  the builders have been given the green light to proceed, and need X Y and Z, ASAP!

Having initially taken on the project in March, it has been a few months since the initial design concept was completed and a speedy revisit to my notes was in order!

I am working with a different team of builders this time around and have had a few eyebrows raised at my requests to ‘leave the walls unfinished’……gulp…..I wanted to specify copper sheets for the bath panels but I think I might have trouble sneaking them on site…..

I had to remind myself of what the walls currently look like in order to work out which ones to keep and which ones really and truly need decorating…….this is the updated progress report followed by some ‘finished result’ inspirational images……heres hoping I pull this one off!


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