The Multitasking Cornish Life

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I seem to live my life in chunks of time.

January – June is full on hectic and with renovations and installations reaching completion, I can usually be found running around with a head like a bucket of frogs whilst my family sit back and suffer the damage.

June – September is super chilled, glamping it up in the garden shed, ahem, I mean meadow summer house, over the lane from our main abode, and living life as simply as it is possible to do with two 6 year old girls to entertain. Recovering my sanity and making it up to my children are my main concerns over this wonderful period of time as is keeping the little nutjobs the hell away from our paying guests. Other priorities include staying in bed after dark in a hopeful attempt at hiding from the slugs, and getting as much time as possible in the sea.

September – December is Desk Time. This gives me a moment to reflect on the hectic work that was produced in the earlier part of the year, and procrastinate starting the next batch. With this in mind, and before I begin designing my upcoming projects and slide into Crazy-January without taking stock, lets pause, make a cup of tea, make another cup of tea, glance at my To Do List, ignore it all and start blogging again, for about a week, until this time next year.

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