From Start to Finish the renovation of the garage to The Briefing Room

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Renovating a garage seems fairly straightforward, its a small space, surely not a lot can go wrong? In actual fact, creating a luxury holiday property for @stivescottage from such a small space is pretty tough. There were a few hiccups in the beginning, a small exterior wall went up in place of a window to house a few extra kitchen units, but then came down again following a mild panic about there not being enough light, and the massive floor to ceiling mezzanine window was impossible to dress.  In the end we opted for a controversial ‘half kitchen’ which divides the open plan space, and some ‘relatively safe’ sweeping curtains. If anyone in the manufacturing business ends up finding the right technology to create motorised shaped shutters, please let me know!

The brief on this property, like the others in the courtyard, called for a light and airy, colourful and relaxing space, which I think we achieved. The mood boards and Pinterest links are here:

The building was a 6 week project and flew by whilst I rushed around trying to source kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, tiles and interior wooden cladding. The build started here:

and ended up here:


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