The Renovation from Start to Finish: Marchborne

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The starting point in all my designs is a scaled layout, a cup of tea and a Pinterest Board. You could say that, with over 2000 pins on Pinterest I am slightly addicted.

‘Marchborne’ started out as ‘Golden Sunset’ and when I was asked to join the team by Contractor Sam Narbett, it looked something like this:

The brief was to create a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom luxury holiday property for @carbisbayhols with drama, dark walls, velvet headboards and more space. Along side Sam Narbett, we created an open plan space that the clients love. These were the mood boards and the Pinterest link:

Work progressed and soon the property became a building site:

It took 8 months, a new roof, a new staircase, a couple of new dormers and a lot of building work but we finally got there:

With panoramic views over the beach Marchborne is available for holiday letting through Carbis Bay Holidays.

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